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    Technical index of asphalt

    2016-03-08 17:05:04   
    The quality of asphalt specimen under the specified temperature per unit volume of t/ meter.
    relative density
    Ratio of asphalt quality to the same volume of water quality at specified temperature.
    In the specified temperature and time, add a certain quality standard needle penetration depth of vertical asphalt specimens, as indicated by 0.1mm.
    Penetration index
    An asphalt binding material temperature induction index and the extent of reaction penetration varies with temperature, the penetration of the different temperature according to a specified method to calculate.
    The specified shape of the asphalt sample, at a certain speed under the specified speed to the length of the break, to cm.
    softening point
    Asphalt specimen in the provisions of the size of the metal ring, SRE regulated size and quality of metal ball, put in water or glycerine, to provisions of heating rate, to ball sinking up to a prescribed distance, temperature, C said.
    The content of the soluble matter in the asphalt sample is expressed as a percentage of the mass.
    Evaporation loss
    Asphalt samples in the inner diameter of 55mm, deep 35mm in the dish, in 163 degrees Celsius temperature conditions to heat and maintain the quality of the loss of 5h, expressed in percentage.
    flash point
    Asphalt specimen in the provisions of the sample containing device according to the provisions of the heating speed when heated evaporation gas at a predetermined method and flame contact, first moment that burning sample temperature, C said. The sample vessel is Cleveland open cup for viscous asphalt (COC), the liquid asphalt is tiger open-cup (TOC).
    Fraass breaking point
    The asphalt sample film coated on the metal sheet is indicated by the temperature of the crack when the film is cooled and bent under the condition of the specified condition.
    The measurement of the resistance or internal resistance of the asphalt specimen under the specified conditions, also known as the viscosity.

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