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    Broad prospects for the industry

    2016-03-08 17:02:37   
    Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has maintained a rapid growth, the highway traffic construction is developing by leaps and bounds, our country road asphalt production enterprise has also been rapid development. Especially heavy traffic asphalt and modified asphalt is realized from no to have, from small to large, from less to more qualitative leap, made a great contribution to the road construction in our country.
    Among them, the use of asphalt to maintain the road is usually divided into three types: preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, should be acute care. These three types of conservation can be selected according to the use of the road surface, each type of conservation and need to choose different curing methods and maintenance equipment. The differences between the three kinds of maintenance measures are mainly reflected in the road conditions and the length of traffic. Of course, there is no clear boundary between the three.
    Preventive maintenance of road surface is damaged before maintenance; corrective maintenance of pavement repairing local damage or for some specific disease treatment; acute maintenance is in case of emergency measures, for example, the road to burst and severe pits need to immediately repair to the car.
    Now the asphalt industry in our country has entered the large-scale, centralized stage of rapid development, people's understanding of asphalt also become more familiar with because the amount of asphalt not only large, but also very widely, whether it is in the village of small street, city road, or speed can use of asphalt, so asphalt recycling became the people very hot topic, especially in the man's mouth, some people put the recycled asphalt as a career, even some people because of recycled asphalt and get rich!
    However the scale of the development of asphalt with our domestic market demand compared Chinese asphalt market still in short supply in the state, especially those high-end modified asphalt market, in China is also to be talented people and to explore, our country ordinary road asphalt production many manufacturers, but relatively few professional manufacturers of asphalt, we should gradually increase the asphalt professional manufacturers, to make up for the growing professional asphalt market demand.

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